Dear visitors of our website.

Let us introduce ourselves.

My name is Mike. I am from the beautiful Black Forest, on the Swiss border. In younger years I traveled in the south and the north of Thailand. In my travels across the country, I learned by chance to know my wife Sailom. I got a completely different insight into Thailand far from the tourist paths. There I discovered a genuine original village culture. This happened about 12 years ago. During this time, a beautiful tropical garden with a variety of different plants arose. Tropical birds also like this garden. Today in 2013, we, my wife and I decided to make this area accessible for tourists. Therefore, two bungalows originated in Thai style, which I built with some helpers. It have nice rooms equipped with some comfort. With us you can feel at home. Enjoy the pleasant climate. Eat tropical fruits and eat good Thai food. Whether you are just passing through or stay longer. To explore the area you are always welcome. We are always happy to advise and assist you, anything is possible.

We look forward to your visit!

Mike and Sailom